Chewedankles Admin replied

402 weeks ago

We will be running cruor farming as a LS event. During LS Cruor Farms, 75% of all cruor gained will go to LS Bank for the primary purpose of funding Dynamis Relic Weapons, while the other 25% will be kept by the member for participating. Start/End cruor balances will be taken down by myself and LS Cut will be calculated. From that I will find out exactly how many Chocobo Blinkers each member owes to the LS.

Chocobo Blinkers can be bought from certain NPCs in Abyssea, explained in each Cruor Farming post in this forum.

I will only take Chocobo Blinkers for what people owe, I will not take gil from anyone. Once I receive your Chocobo Blinkers, I will check you off as paid, and will update LS bank accordingly.

Cruor Farming runs count as a LS event, and points will be given to participating members, just like any other event. Feel free to farm cruor outside of LS event farms, only ones I announce as a LS event will be added to LS Bank.

Any questions please ask Wiegraph or myself in game or me in private message on forum, thank you.
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