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397 weeks ago

Current items wanted by the members with the highest points. Once a member receives their gear/loot, their points are reset to zero and the focus changes to the next person in line. If someone isn't online at the time of farming, or they feel there aren't enough people online for their desired item, OR they would like to store their points for a larger amount of empyreal upgrade items, the next highest takes priority.

Member: Chewedankles
Points: 95
Gear: Coin of Balance x4 (1/4)
Zone: Tahrongi / Misareaux
Mob: Chloris, Usurper / Amhuluk, Tristitia

Member: Akkuma
Points: 57
Gear: Stone of Ardor x3

Member: Zsasz
Points: 55.5
Gear: Vougier's Contus
Zone: Uleguerand
Mob: Empousa

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