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400 weeks ago

Ok, just finished a Dyn Windy run.

Setup was: Whm/Sch, Brd/Whm, Sam/Nin (90 masa), Sam/Nin (85 masa), Drk/Sam (Apoc), Thf/Nin, Blu/Nin, Blm/Rdm

============== Windy Specific Info ========================

Here is the information i have from it. First off my crude map!
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TE's pretty self explanitory (some were hiding behind buildings)

As far as nms go, all seem capable of casting doom which has a short countdown, going by the numbers on my map

#1 Seems to be Thf/Smn, used PD and AF multiple times. Summoned avatar on pop, seems random, first time it was ifrit, second shiva. Pulled it NE of pop so only had 1 possible add to worry about. As long as blm is paying attention and is ready to stun > resleep avatar when it wakes, AF isnt a big issue. Being a thf, its EVA was pretty high, first fight we had rcb's on and missed a lot, second was fine but we had SV songs on. Dropped :

#2 Seemed to be War/Whm or Rdm, not 100% sure. Nothing special here, doom aside it was a fairly easy kill.

#3 Seems to be Nin/Pld, used Inv multiple times (seemed to be on a timer), used Mijin every 10% from 40%. With Sentinel's Scherzo up (we were expecting it), we were getting hit for about 750. At very low hp he seems to hit harder and get high def (crits up to 800, fudo down to 300 dmg). Wiped at 10% with 8 (although 2 were dead most the fight). Fought it at spawn, didnt seem to aggro nearbye adds.

#4 Didnt pop it

#5 Single pop for Boss, dies in 1-2 ws, popped with 2 yag helpers which depopped when it died.

For tomorrow we have pops for all the ??? nms other than the boss, we are also 3/5 on tomes for the HQ(?) Boss

=========== Stagger Info ===============
Made a not of all the staggers we did, they are listed below
Mob Job | Stagger | Trigger | Day
War | Yellow | Fudo | Lightning
Rdm | Red | Elegy | Lightning
Pld | Red | Cata | Lightning
Pld | Red | Cata | Light
War | Red | Fudo | Light
Smn/Thf **Xuu Bhoqa The Enigma | Red | Bliz 5 | Light
Blm | Red | Sleepga | Dark
Whm | Red | Holy | Dark
Pld | Red | Fudo | Dark
Rng | Red | Blade Bash Dark
Drk | Red | Evis | Dark

From what i can see, they all seemed to fit the job/trigger theory from a page or two backDaiiawn;4594671
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