Chewedankles Admin replied

400 weeks ago

Please post any zone boss win or Caturae kill you still need for Shinyru access so we can smash and bash them for you!

Cryptkeeper Members replied

400 weeks ago

I need all Abyssea wins. Lol ^^

Kumarie replied

400 weeks ago


Felys replied

400 weeks ago

You guys seem to do a lot of events that's craptacular for my schedule, so uh yeah.. lol. Anyway -

Only need Tahrongi for 9/9 zones.
And already did Rani + Yaanei, so 2/6 on cats currently.

Other than that, I'm usually doing everything through pugs, would like to do more stuff with you guys.

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Kalel replied

398 weeks ago

I am Superman!!

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