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William "Hardshell" Beckett's estranged wife and his son John, neither of whom Beckett has seen or heard from since John was a baby, return to his ranch and meet his adopted daughter Alice Bailey. Beckett's foreman Bud Drake, known as "The Kid", tries to help Alice when her "brother by adoption" makes a move on her, and Bud incurs John's wrath. Bud has to fight ranch hands Butch and "Buzzard", as well as John, to prove who is the ranch boss. John is really a blackmailer named Laylor who has a hold on Mrs. Beckett. He, Butch and "Buzzard" rob Beckett of $6,000 dollars and Beckett is stabbed with Bud's knife, and Bud is arrested for robbery and assault on Beckett by Sheriff Jake Logan. Alice, matching John's spurs with the marks on her (adopted) father's arms,proves Bud is innocent. Bud then takes care of the three outlaws, and the Beckett's are reconciled, while Alice finds happiness with Bud.
A young ranch foreman, Bud Drake aka The Kid, is wrongfully arrested for the theft of six-thousand dollars from ranch-owner "Hardshell" Beckett. He escapes and with the aid of Beckett's adopted daughter, Alice, sets out to clear his name.
Young man decides to get a job as a riding boss on a ranch run by rough tough Hardshell Beckett (played by 1000 year old Lafe McKee) but the real boss of the ranch seems to be Beckett&#39;s adopted daughter Alice, who the kid tries to romance. When the kid arrives, so does Beckett&#39;s ex- wife and long lost son, whom Beckett suspects of trying to take over the ranch. Finding out that the kid might be a wanted outlaw, Beckett&#39;s son (along w/ two ranch hands that don&#39;t approve of their new riding boss) frames the kid for robbing Beckett&#39;s safe and stabbing the old man. How can the kid save himself and what secret is Beckett&#39;s ex hiding?<br/><br/>Custer, who has little acting ability to begin with, tries to go the Hoot Gibson route and play the likable kid in the modern west. Unfortunately, he is still not believable in the role. Lillian Rich seems to highbrow to appear in this below the barrel affair, but she does give some effort and is probably the only good thing in the film. Action is kept to a minimum and everything wraps up just as you would expect it to. Funny thing is that every B-western Lafe McKee played the father of a young girl, she was always in her late teens, here we believe that his son in George Cheseboro, who was in his mid 40&#39;s at this point.<br/><br/>Rating, 2 out of 10.

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